Searching by Focused Items

This might just be because I"m a newbie at this but with the latest new build when filtering by focus items are the completed items supposed to be taken into account when searching for items marked as focus? I couldn’t figure out why I had some items showing that weren’t marked as focus but then when I hit the completed items button items under a particular project that I had marked as focus and completed showed up.

Love the new search by due date button! :smile:

Yes, we noticed that already as well. That one slipped by us. We will get it fixed soon. Thanks for reporting!

Great! You will soon see it in other views as well!

Thought it may have been noticed already, but figured might as well bring it up anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks @James

Hmm, just wondering: What is this focus filter actually for? Doesn’t the focus list show the same thing?