Scheduled Next Actions Notes and Links

I wish that when Scheduled Next Action produces the “child” Next Action during the scheduled date, it would not only duplicate the Title but the Notes and Links in it too. This is useful since I often link it to important support materials


Totally agree. And any subtasks.


It’s a good idea. I’ve added it to our list to review for a future release. Thanks!


Any ETA, for this bug fix (for me this is not a new feature, but existing bug), which is very annoying.

Totally agree…as it is now doesn’t make too much sense and is far from being useful…

No news, we’ve been heads down on other features.

We actually view this as an enhancement to an existing feature. There is no code to “fix” here, so we would need to add that functionality.

Just to make sure I understand your point… You only feel recurring tasks would be useful if they contain the notes and links from the “parent” task? Is that correct?

Thanks all!

The common approach - that other apps use and that users are used to - is that everything gets cloned: tags, links, notes, subtasks, everything.

Yes. That is correct :slight_smile:

Don’t be black & white only :wink: Recurring tasks are useful now, but, usually I have to use mouse more, to back to the origin task, and use links, and notes from it.

Hi Emssik,

If you have subtasks and/or info below the recurring task you lose those connection if you go backwards as you suggested. That’s the issue, I guess.

Ofc, it is. But I think that recurring tasks are useful now, but not as much as we need :slight_smile: