Scheduled Items

When I click on scheduled, why do items that are scheduled for today show up at the bottom of the list instead of at the top?

Hi Susan;

The schedule list should show items in date order, starting with nearest date and then the farthest away. At the bottom of the list should be scheduled items that don’t have a start date set.

Items that are scheduled for today should no longer be on the schedule list. They move to your active list - and are likely next actions now. Can you confirm?

If that is the case, can you let me know what you are seeing on the bottom of the list?

If that doesn’t resolve, can you tell me when and how these items were created? That will help me troubleshoot this a bit more.

Hi James,

Thanks for the reply. I believe I figured it out. Just a suggestion, I think it might be helpful if you had a “basics” tutorial for new people, explaining how and what items show up in scheduled, next actions, etc. That was where some of my confusion was coming from. That, and how when I make a recurring action, it makes it show up like a project. That was throwing me off as well,