Scheduled Actions with due dates not working

Today when I logged in, this individual action (not part of a project) did not get flagged as Next Action as I expected. Instead it got flagged as Focus. It also was marked as Force Next, not sure why, I didn’t mark as Force Next.

Thanks for the report. Just to be clear.

  • You had the action scheduled for today. (so it should have changed to a next action)
  • You had the action marked as due today
  • You did not have the action marked as force next.

I will try to reproduce the issue on my machine and see if we have a global problem or is something strange happened to this one task.

Yes on all three. I’ll schedule a test for tomorrow.

Definitely not working. Here are tests I set up yesterday. Scheduled for today. One with a Force Next the other without. Both not flagged as Next Action and both with a Force Next.

Okay thanks for testing again. I noticed an issue with my test as well. I’m getting dev involved to review. I will report back with more info as we investigate.

Okay, I’ve done some more testing to narrow down the issue. It appears that scheduled actions that also have a due date are not turning into next actions as they should. We will work on getting that fixed.

I’ve updated the title of this post to be more accurate. Thanks!

Okay, I think we have this one fixed. It’s working for us. Please try it again and let us know if you find any issues.

It turned out to be a very distinct use case where start date and due date were set to the same date on scheduled items. All other use cases look to be working just fine.

Tasks are now working correctly. Thanks James!

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