Request: Please make a simple mobilefriendely webview of NA, Waiting, Inbox and Someday

While waiting for Android and iOS apps, could you please, as a temporary hack, make the above? I’m talking no interaction, but just a simple display of these lists in a mobile browser.

Just found yesterday - finally something, that does what I dreamt of . With a decent mobile app and few more features you have a potential OmniFocus killer here (I used OF since their beta back then and untill a recent switch to Windows/Android, so I know the program).

(Oh, and consider making it a premiuim feature if that will speed up the mobile apps)

Thanks for the idea Jeppek - unfortunately this isn’t as easy it as it would seem to do. So while it’s a great idea, we aren’t able to do it right now without taking too much time away from the work we are already doing on mobile. Thanks!

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Never say never I guess! So after working for quite a while on mobile and not having it go as fast as we would like, we’ve taken a few weeks here to release a version of GTDNext that is fully responsive and works very well on mobile and tablet browsers.

It’s not the “simple” version that you requested, it’s actually the full app. There are still a few more features coming and I’ll save the blog post until those items are done, but starting with that was released today you can now utilize GTDNext fairly well on mobile browsers.

So fire up those iPhones, iPads and Android devices and give it try. How does it work for you? What would you like to see added or changed?

Perfect. On my Nexus 6 it works very well having the outline view and the right panel side by side in landscape mode. Great! I signed up for premium :slight_smile:

Here’s a few things I would like to see improved:

  • Require a double tap to edit on mobile. Right now, if I select an item, my Android keyboard pops up, even if I just want to see information in the right pane. So I have to close the keyboard all the time, and the lists scrolls in confusing ways as a result of this. A double tap to edit feature or something like that would solve this.

  • Make the bar with the area filter, tag filter and hide/show panel buttons permanent, even when scrolling. Currently it moves when I scroll down my lists.

And then of course the ones you already said somewhere else that you will implement: Indention is the biggest one missing.

Overall I like this a lot.

[quote=“jeppek, post:5, topic:398”]
Great! I signed up for premium
[/quote]Excellent, thanks for the support!

Yes, we are thinking about that. Or possibly even requiring edits to be made in the right panel when on mobile. (thoughts on that?) As the keyboard popping up all the time is quite annoying.

Yes, we’ve got that feedback before on desktop as well. Just hasn’t made it to the top of the list yet. Thanks!