Repeating Tasks

Seems there might be problems with repeating tasks.

The past few times I created an action to repeat daily and to start on “today,” a new action is spawned immediately (as expected) but then the Next Event is stuck on “loading…”

It also appears to be “random” whether a new action is spawned on the next day.

  • For my first test case, it did not spawn on the next day
  • For my second test case, it did spawn on the next day
  • For my third test case, it did not spawn on the next day
  • For my fourth test case, I’l need to wait until tomorrow to find out :slight_smile:

Maybe it is related to when the Next Event changes from “loading” to the actual time? I also haven’t waited long enough to know if this is just related to the “first” event being spawned or if additional spawned events might continue to be missed.

Eventually, the Next Event does identify when to expect the next event to spawn; however this tag does not reflect when the event really spawns. For example this action is scheduled to spawn at midnight on the 2nd (yesterday it scheduled for the 1st at at midnight).

But yesterday’s event actually spawned on 6/30 at 17:01 (seven hour early).

Maybe related to time zones not be converted consistently?

Thank you for the detailed post on this. We will review and see if we can reproduce. @sergio