Ready to receive functionality enhancement suggestions, yet?

Hi GTDNext

Are you ready to start receiving functionaliy enhancement suggestions yet?

If so here are a couple of suggestions that might be quite easy to implement:

A. Rather than actually have to click on each Area (and/or each Tag) to find out how many tasks lie within it, how’s about you put the number of items that would appear into the mouse-over text?

That would speed thing up because you could just run the mouse over things to see how many items would be contained in each one. In order to not interfere with the readability of the text below the mouse, this Alt text would need to be off-set from the text below it (e.g. it might appear in the line above the Area or Tage text).

B. If the user clicks on “Tags” in the left hand column, it would be nice to have a column show how many tasks there are in the database that are using that Tag.

Trying to help


We are always ready to receive suggestions. Thanks for sending these two ideas.

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