Proximo is kicking the tires around


I decided to jump in here and kick the tires around. It’s been a while since I checked in on GTDNext and I am glad I did.

I don’t know how much has changed or maybe I changed, but the app seems to make a lot of sense to me now. I was playing around with lists, projects, next actions, forced next, etc. It’s all come together in a way that makes sense to me.

Don’t know if you remember how confused I was in the past, but I am liking what I see here. If you stick with the learning curve of using the outline tricks, it pays off quickly.

I am still trying to do things I typically do in other apps but the shortcuts are helpful. I am more of a mouse clicker guy, but I can learn to use a keyboard if needed.

I still find myself double clicking on a task to open the right hand panel and although the keybaord shortcut for this is simple enough, I still prefer the double click.

I think I will stick around a little longer and maybe create some things with GTDNext as a long term test now.

Good job James.


What do you mean by outline tricks?


Not sure if it’s called Outline.

The method of entering things in GTDNext require keyboard inputs and not mouse. This is what I am referring too. I prefer mouse over keyboard, but if you take the time to learn the keyboard entries, it’s not too difficult.

This does not change the fact that I feel any app should have two modes of input, but not sure if this is something GTDNext is planning to do. I personally feel they will gain many more users.


I never had any objection to the outline mode as such. I think it is a great way of letting users organize their stuff as they want. But I do sense that this comes at a price in GTDNext. I would like to see next actions filterable and groupable by project, by context etc etc. Those lists do have a use. And perhaps even a “joint view” - viewing Next and Waiting together (“somebody’s current next actions”), grouped by project, context etc.

The unlimited-level outline is a great start - I love it - but it does not replace all other needs.

Congratulations on great progress so far!

Good to see you @Proximo - I always enjoy your comments and interactions.

Thanks! We’ve worked hard to make it so!

Yes, I think it really depends on what other programs and input methods you are used to using in the past. Glad to hear it’s making more sense for you.

We do feel that that our input method is much, much faster than most apps, (we’ve tested it) especially when it comes to entering in many items and creating sub-projects and tasks. It’s just far easier to hit enter to create a new task than it is to take your hand off the keyboard and use the mouse to click “new”. But someday we may take a look at doing something to help the mouse-ka-teers. :smile:

No price. We have plans to add grouping and sorting, etc in next action view and the current method of outline will not make that process any harder to do. Mostly just a matter of getting that item to the top of our list of feature priorities.