Pros of other task managers or GTD apps

Here are some of the PROS I see in the different task managers or GTD apps out there. GTDNext could become the app that combines all of them. The order of the topics does not indicate a priority and the list is for sure not complete.

  • Ability to upload (attache) any type of attachments (Todoist, Asana)
  • Outline view (Asana, This has been implemented in a great way by GTDNext
  • Ability to batch add tasks, actions (
  • Project/task templates (Asana, Todoist)
  • Android app (Todoist,
  • Offline working ( and Todoist have a Windows app)
  • Ability to add context, labels, start date while typing (Todoist and
  • Advanced search function/filters that can be saved (Todoist, and Asana)
  • GTD workflow (
  • Drag and drop to Next Action, Scheduled, Waiting etc. In drag and drop to Scheduled forces you to enter an end date
  • Check lists (Toodledo)
  • Clickable URL’s (Todoist,, Asana, Toodledo)
  • Integration with Evernote, Google Drive etc. (Asana)
  • Clickable labels/tags that cab be used to filter the current selection (
  • Google Chrome app
  • Areas (Asana)
  • Manual sorting of actions/tasks/projects

Some of the topics have been implemented already. Maybe also others can complete the list.

Best regards,