Projects in Someday

I’ve found that when I have a project, and I want to put it “on hold”, I’ll put it into someday. It would be nice that when it is in someday, that there is some indication whether it is a project, or an individual task. (Sometimes I need to refresh my memory as to what tasks were in the project, to remember why I had put things on hold). So it would be really nice to be able to open and see sub tasks below the project (or at least highlight the fact that it is a project with pending sub-tasks). I wouldn’t want all those tasks in the someday view unless I opened the project.

A couple times now, I have checked off a project in someday, thinking that it’s done, and then realizing, oh wait, there is one or two more items which aren’t completed yet and that’s why I was waiting. But since I don’t see those tasks it doesn’t trigger in my brain.

And I could look under projects and actions, but many times I just want to glance through my someday list to see what I need to activate again, or decide to cancel.

One thing to keep in mind, is that we only put projects or single actions in the someday view. We don’t put all the tasks of every project that are marked as someday into the someday view. We do this to keep the view nice and clean. If you had a project marked as someday with 30 tasks, you wouldn’t want to see all 30 tasks in the someday view. That would be overwhelming!

You are correct, however, that it doesn’t show if it is a task or a project. Maybe we could change the icon to show a task icon or a project folder. Would that help?

Also, one quick tip. You can hit CTRL+Mouse click (or ALT+Right Arrow) on any of the items in the someday list to zoom in on the project or action. That is the fast way to see if it is a project or an individual standalone task. Then if you hit TAB+7 you will be quickly back to the someday list. It’s a fast way to go back and forth and inspect these items in more detail.

Here is the blog post on that topic:

Hope that helps!

The ctrl-mouse is great - didn’t know about that. But yes, I would love to see the icon change (or just bold the item?) if it’s a project. I don’t want to see the subtasks in that view, definitely agree with that, and I looked through a few of the old discussions on this topic so I understand the evolution of the feature. Some indication that it has subtasks in the someday view would be awesome. But the ability to easily expand (or in this case the ctrl-click) helps a lot.

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