Projects Area - Not being able to scroll to see all my projects

I have created multiple projects but for some reason, I can only see three of them listed in the left hand column Projects Area or Section. There are no scroll bars there for me to scroll up or down to show more of my projects. Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch?

Thanks for reporting!

I’m thinking of two possible reasons you would not see them in the right pane. Can you check if either of the reasons below are the case?

  • If the “projects” you have created do not have any branches under them, then they are technically single actions, not projects yet. So they would not show in the project window in the left panel
  • If you have applied an “area” to these projects and the global filter in the top left corner is set to a different area, then the projects would not show in the left pane.

If either of those cases do not fix your issue would it be possible to get a screen shot of what you are seeing? I may be able to better determine the cause with a picture.