Progress update on mobile apps development?

Is there any chance we could get a progress report update on the mobile apps development? No release dates or even target dates – just a sense of where you are with this would be good. :smile:

Sorry, James. Not meaning to be a pest. Just excited about mobile apps is all!


Just curious about your GTD situation these days. You gave us a lot of hope on the NirvanaHQ forums and then disappeared. I am guessing not much is happening with NirvanaHQ and that you are looking towards utilizing GTDnext now? The only thing holding me back here is lack of an ios app.


@pgillenus: Contact me at my work email address below and I will explain what I know about the Nirvanahq situation.

Thanks David, will do

Hi David - We are still working away on it! No dates yet but we are excited too. Believe me! Thanks for checking in. I wish I had more news for you!

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