Problem with mobile access

I just tried to access GTDNext from my Google Chrome on my iPhone. If I want to see the details screen, all I see is a gray block. Same thing happens when I use the Firefox app.

Thanks for the report. We were just fixed a bug in that area of the code yesterday, so we will recheck. We don’t typically test on Google Chrome or Firefox for iPhone. Have you tried on Safari for iPhone? Also, can you confirm you are not in “private” or incognito mode? We don’t support those modes. Thanks!

Does the same thing on Safari. Not in private or incognito mode on any of the apps. iOS just had a major update, so one wonders if that caused a problem.

Could be. We are checking it out. Thanks!

Any updates on this? I cannot access details on my iPhone or iPad, rendering mobile access unusable to me.

Same problem for be both om Chrome on iPhone and on Windows desktop.

We believe we have fixed this issue. Please refresh your browser a few times and give it a try. Thanks!

Oh, also, you may notice we’ve added a new feature for mobile that I think you will all love.

The detail button now “floats” as you scroll down your list. So you don’t need to scroll all the way back up your list to hit the button to see the right panel. Think of it as our way of saying “sorry for your troubles”. :slight_smile:

Very nice. Thanks! The detail panel on the mobile app works again and I like the floating button :-).

One thing I notice - and perhaps I should start a separate thread - when the mobile version loads it takes quite a while. Seems like it is trying to load the intro video even though I’m over the 100 tasks. I can see the intro video announcement and then it goes away once loaded.


Okay, thanks for letting us know. It loads pretty fast for me. Are you on Wi-Fi or cell data? If cell data, is it 3G, 4G, EDGE or LTE?

Also, please note we are still tweaking the floating button. Right now it doesn’t always behave well when the keyboard pops up in ipad, etc. So expect some tweaks to that over time.

It takes about 7 seconds on both wifi and LTE data, which is OK. Just curious


Works great! Thanks!

and really, not a huge deal at all. Please don’t spend time on this for me. I mean 7 seconds – definitely not a a long time :wink: