Problem using END on Mac keyboard

I’m having problem jumping to the end of a line as described in the knowledge base:

“Press END to quickly move to the end of a line to quickly press ENTER”

Not having a dedicated END key on the macbook keyboard (and the combo fn + left/right arrow, or ctrl + arrow doesn’t seem to work on my Swedish keyboard) forces me to do a lot of "put that darned cursor at the end of the line”…

Perhaps it would make more sense it the cursor would be entered at the end of the line when clicking on it?


Stupid me - it’s cmd+arrow for END on mac keyboard. Works fine. Duh…

Still think it would be better if the cursor would enter at the end of a line when clicked on.

Not stupid at all. I’m actually not a mac user, so I always just assumed they had a END key…I would have been just as lost on that one!

I will add CMD+Right Arrow to the KB article, thanks for letting me know!

FYI to everyone else. Shortcut article is HERE

About putting cursor to the end of the line after clicking to the right of the text - agree. It’s actually already on our todo list.

Only Mac specific shortcut topic I can find. (If it’s better that I create another topic, please let me know)

On the Mac, the system wide shortcut for navigation jumping of the cursor is Option + Right/Left Arrow. However, on GTDNext when editing an item, that is the shortcut to “Focus” or “Zoom” into an item.

It’d be great if we could have that mapped to Control+Arrow key, or something, as that is a shortcut in a tool such as Workflowy.