Printing all of your projects and tasks?

SInce we do not yet have mobile access, is there a way to print out all of the projects and tasks so one could have this when away from the computer?

I know that one! (I think)
Try the cog icon (top right) ==> Export All ==> copy and paste out.
It’s pretty basic. Doesn’t even have tab delimiters nor CSV etc. But better than absolutely nothing, I guess (but not by much!)

Yes, that is correct. :smile: That’s how (for now) you do it. Hopefully mobile will solve this need for you, but eventually we will also allow for printing.

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Thanks ship69 and James! Yes, this will work for me until we get mobile apps.

This isn’t much of a solution, but currently on Friday afternoon I copy my weekend tasks into an Evernote note, so that I can see them on my phone. (The weekend is when is spend lots of time away from my desk).

Thanks, @ike9898. I have Evernote everywhere, so this is a good mobile workaround until we have mobile GTDNext apps.