Print Daily Focus

Printing has been discussed before but i wondered if it would be good to have a specific print option for you Focused Tasks or similar?

I struggle with focus, and often get bogged down in organizing and re-organizing my to-dos. So I try to have a daily routine where i create my WAUDT (what are you doing today) list and then take great pleasure in scoring the items off the list as i go (in theory anyway). That way i get to make a clear declaration to myself that i am done organizing and ready to start doing. It would be great to have a quick print option of your tasks for the day.

What I have found that works best for me is to get the view I want in GTDNext (could be all tasks, or Next tasks, or Focus tasks, or tasks for just one project), then grab a screen shot of that (using the Windows Snipping tool or other similar utility) and send that to my color printer (so Next is green, Focus is red, etc.).

I then use that printout as a check list that I can even write notes on (like when during the day I want to get that done, etc.). Then when those tasks are done, I can log back into GTDNext and mark them as completed. I know it adds the extra screen-grab step (instead of just printing directly) but it only takes a few extra seconds and works pretty well.

Have others found tricks or workarounds for this?


i posted a topic on printing too. I would love better printing features.

I print to pdf for filing away files digitally, but there is nothing like working on paper and having a “one pager” that keeps me off the phone and focused on the sheet of tasks at hand to tick through