Please make deleting tasks more difficult

I know this regresses a change that was made previously but i would like to lobby for deletion of Tasks to be more difficult. As i get to be more reliant on GTDnext and find I am rapidly switching between it and other applications, I find that I am inadvertently hitting keystrokes (or maybe just the delete button has become the focal point) and, before i know it, the Task has disappeared completely.

As there is no wastebasket or undo function, it has gone forever as far as I can make out.

Yes, I am clumsy in my rush to get things done but aren’t most busy people? Also, most busy people spend far more time adding to and updating their actions than they do removing ones that they have added in error.

Please protect me from myself and make it so that i have to do two very disconnected actions to delete a task - or worse still a project with 3-4 tasks in it which hold valuable business data.

Agreed. I’m surprised this topic hasn’t seen more “action”. One of the primary objectives of any world class app is to do everything it can to protect the user from him/herself. Any destructive operation must include a method (e.g., an undo button, or a “trashcan” from which a user can restore an item) that allows a user to reverse the operation. I think this is a definite oversight and should be addressed asap. Thanks.

We’ve actually been thinking about this and have taken it into account with our new features that launched this week. The archive feature not only allows you to archive/restore completed items, but all deleted items also go to the archive. (If you really,really want to delete it, you can delete it permanently from the archive.

So you are safe from accidental deleting items, just select the item and restore it!

Here is a video on how the archive and restore feature works. The feature also has the ability to archive all completed tasks over X days old. Very handy.