Please can we have another list (called "Later" or "Soon")


Please can we have the ability to add an additional GTD list.

For me it would be extremely useful to have another list called “Later”, like they do in Nirvana. Having this list allows the user to keep only stuff that is genuinely “Do as soon as possible” in your active tasks list, but without losing track of those items that are not literally “as soon as possible” in a sea of Sometime-Maybe tasks.

To save space for those people who don’t want it, I suggest that “Later” could be turned on/off in Settings (like it is in Nirvana).

Personally I would like the ability to add about 3 or 4 additional lists, and have the ability to name/rename them ourselves.

I remain a long-term fan of GTDNext (particularly it’s multiple levels and inline editing) however although I still dabble with it (and recommend it to friends) I am waiting for it to get a little further.
I recently spend many months of living on MLO, which like GTDNext also does allow multiple level of both Tasks and Projects, however unfortunately MLO no database field for List which after much experimentation, in my opinion makes MLO almost unmanageable for use with the GTD method).

I am now experimenting with Nirvana partly because I am by GTD purists that it is “flat” (non hierarchical) and I am trying to improve my GTD habits and I am seeing if I can make “flatness” work. In the meantime there are several nice tricks that Nirvana does that I think GTDNext could benefit from. By spending time with Nirvana I shall find out which are most useful in practice, and which would constitute clutter.

I fully expect to return to GTDNext once the new interface arrives and development momentum can pick up again. There are a number of small tweaks to the GTDNext interface that would make an enormous difference to me.

Having started to use the “Later” list, I now find it exceedingly useful. And I’m not sure how easily I could go back now… :^/

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