Permanent open window with GTDNext?

This isn’t directly related to GTDNext but I’m hoping someone could help. I usually work in Outlook and need to have my task management app open side-by-side with Outlook (or inside Outlook like my current task manager ClearContext).

Is there a way to the open the GTDNext-webpage inside Outlook, so that it is always shown as a sidebar? Or is it possible to have GTDNext open in a “locked” browser window on the Windows-desktop (i.e. reducing the available workspace for other apps)?

I understand this might need a 3rd-party tool. Any ideas how to accomplish this?

I am no expert in this, and only seldom have such needs, but I do know that in Windows you can easily get two windows on the screen by pressing the Windows key + rightarrow or leftarrow to halve the window size and place it left or right. In this way you can have two windows visible simultaneously without too much work. You can also manually size-adjust and move windows around if you want more, but that’s more fiddly.)

Thanks for the suggestion, but it isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. Since with this method the window doesn’t have its own reserved space but other windows will open on top of it.