Panel on the right overlaps tags and ordering of tags

I am using quite a lot of tags, as i use them to identify persons associated to a task.
That leads to two usability problems:

  • The panel on the right side overlaps about one third of the space used for tags. That forces me to close the panel to reach those hidden tags.

  • The tags seem to be ordered by date of first usage, which is ok with only few tags. When you reach a certain number of tags, alphanumerical ordering would be much easier to use though.


I agree. Alphanumerical or manual, or hiererachical in combination with manual or alpahnumerical, are all good, but creation based or usage based ordering (creation date, most used, last used etc) make the list very messy.



We’ve added the Alphanumeric sorting of tags in v. The problem with overlapping tags is more complex, but we are planning to fix it in nearest future. Thanks for pointing out!

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Ordering is perfect now!
Good to know you will take care of the overlapping in the future.

Thanks for the quick help!

In a recent build we have limited the number of tags shown to 7. The rest appear in a drop down. That should resolve the issue. Thanks!

@James: Well, actually it’s now worse than before:

  • first i highly dislike the dropdown from a usability point of view; but that is more a matter of personal taste.
  • second and much more critical: I can no longer access all tags. My list of tags is rather long and the resulting dropdown is not fully visble and not navigable.

I use tags to refer to names of contacts, and i have rather lots of them.
Being able to filter those is a rather essential feature for me.

I’d actually prefer the overlapping panel instead of this solution.

Thanks for the feedback @Camelorn - Curious, what kind of solution would you prefer?

We’ve thought about several different ideas. A sliding down panel for instance that could show all tags at the same time, but wouldn’t take up space when not used. Of course this requires a click to see it. What ideas do you (and others) have?

Additionally, someday we plan to separate contacts from tags - so this will be a bit easier in the future.

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First of all, a contact as a tag works just fine for me. I would like to hear what the benefit of a separartion really would be.

An idea for a solution:

  • All tags are shown at a glance, no clicks needed to show hidden tags. That might get problematic with REALLY lots of tags, but 7 visible tags really is not remotely enough.
  • The grey bar at the top expands downward, if more place for tags is needed.
  • The Action Detail Panel starts under that grey bar, not overlapping it.

Another idea could be a tag cloud, but i am at a loss for a good position to place it. Perhaps underneath the Action Details, but then it would not be visible when the panel is hidden.

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I am with Camelorn here. Just keep expanding the tag bar with multiple lines, when a user has “too many” tags. That’s probably the easiest and good enough. Or a “fourth” panel (vertical) would also be fine, if I understand James correctly. I would like to be able to keep this panel open at all times, as there is plenty of space sideways.

Tag clouds is something I do not like. They are usually frequency based and sometimes have fonts of varying sizes etc. Very messy and hard to use.

Separation of contacts and other tags is nothing I need either. I only want a dozen or so contact tags, many of them generic (e.g. Supplier, Client etc). I want to be able to filter my list according too any mix of contexts, and this usually gets harder and harder the more different features are used to represent them.


Thanks for the ideas guys. We will keep this in mind as we move forward and iterate on this design.

I’m not a big fan of tag clouds either, so I doubt that will factor into our eventual solution.

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Some of you may have noticed that we went back to showing all tags… Thanks for your feedback

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That’s much better!

One other idea in that context:
What do you think about not showing those tags, that are not actually used?
Would work for me.

One other idea in that context:
What do you think about not showing those tags, that are not actually used?
Would work for me.

I just came to this forum, to ask about that. I think this would be the best thing to do. Only show tags, that are used in the list you are currently working on.

If that is not possible, at least separate tags per area. I don’t want to see all of my coworkers and clients, when Im working on private stuff at home.


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