Open a project/task in a new tab and Calendar feature

One of my favourite feature in is the ability to open a task in the list in a new tab. The only way to currently do this is to zoom in on a subitem on the project and middle-clicking the project name on the directory which is pretty tedious.

Also it would be great if we can display the whole Calendar in the Scheduled section, rather than just having a list of items categorized as scheduled

Another minor thing is that I am having problem deleting a Note attached to a task. If I was to delete the text in the Notes while expanding the Note window on the task, the space that is once occupied by the note won’t go away until I refresh the page

Visualization is often a great help. But sometimes some forethought is required.

I assume most people use the “Scheduled” fetaure for what GTD calls “tickler items”, in other words acntions that cannot be decided or started before that date. But very often they do not need to be done on that date, in other words they are not what GTD calls “calendar actions” (such as appointments).

We are all differnt, but for me it would be waste and massive clutter to display all ticklers in a calendar view, and particularly so if they are mixed with “real” calandart actions such as meetings.

I think ther is a n esy solution tto this and many realted problems. Introduce a new category called Calendar. Whatever is listed as Calendar will be displayed on a calendar (internal or externally linked, e.g. GCal). Regular ticklers will not be displayed and will not clutter the calendar.

Having a separate Calendar type would also make it easier to read the Focus list, project lists etc. Thanks to GTDNext’s coloring scheme meetings etc that are truly fixed in time would stand out so much more clearly.

I see, I guess that makes sense!