Older recurring tasks are spawning two children

I have some recurring tasks spawning twice over night. My most recent pair had a created date of 2015-11-05 23:01 and 2015-11-06 00:01.

This is a minor annoyance and I thought I would point it out. I’m just deleting the extra instance.

Thanks for the report - we have done quite a bit of updating to our recurring feature. I can’t repro what you are talking about. Can you please try re-creating that recurring action and let me know if it still happens?

I will try recreating. I suspect Daylight Saving Time is coming into play somehow, since I notice that children are spawning at 00:01 since we came out of Daylight Saving Time, and was spawning at 23:01 while under Daylight Saving Time. It seems to only happen to events where the parent is weekly, but it isn’t consistent for all the weekly recurrences, that is, some are creating doubles, and some aren’t. Of thoses producing doubles, one spawns at 23:01 and the other at 00:01. I suspect the date/time fields in your database are stored as GMT, and I was wondering if the internal representation of a parent’s Start Date affects how things might be spawning, and if so, this might make it difficult to reproduce since all date/time representations will be under Standard Time, and not Daylight Saving Time (assuming that is even a consideration).

I will study my tasks further to see if I can pickup on any patterns in this regard. Like I said, it is a minor annoyance.

Thanks Bill, appreciate the test. Also, can you tell us if you traveled recently and did that travel involve a time zone change? Thanks!

I have not traveled since using GTDN. I am exclusively in the Eastern Time zone.

I’m having exactly the same problem. Duplicate tasks for weekly repeating items only, with one occurring at 11:01 PM and another at 12:01 am.

I’m also in Eastern time with no travel recently.

Can you create a new recurring task with the same settings and see if it works correctly? Also, can you tell us what the create date is of the original task? (show in the right panel area) - Thanks!

Thanks James. The create date is May 12 of this year. Was there some major change that makes the old tasks work incorrectly?

I’ll try a new task and see how it works.

Not sure. We completely re-wrote the recurring feature in July. (build 6.20). We fixed a few bugs initially after that re-write but recurring has worked flawlessly since that time.

We are just trying to narrow down the possible causes. We think changing time-zones either by travel or with day light savings time might be the culprit, but more testing is needed.

It’s been a couple of week’s and we’ve heard no new reports of this issues. I’m going to mark it as resolved. Thanks all!