Offline, iOS app, calendar integration and batch editing

Hi James,

I’m thinking to return to GTD Next as a premium member.
I continue to think that this app is potentially the best application of the GTD which exists on the market.
But I’m hesitating to make a step of subscribing for one year when the development is going quite slow.
The above 4 points are almost a deal breaker for me. I guess that at least the offline and the google calendar integration to manage the agenda/alarms maybe easy to integrate.
Can you update me on the status (if any) of development regarding my 4 requests so I can take an informed decision to (re)subscribe?



Hi Fernando, thanks for stopping by again.

Thanks! That’s our goal!

We may see things differently here. :slight_smile: We have been working quite hard. We recently freshened up our UI and launched a new view called “Today”. So it sure feels like we have been busy. But I understand that we may not have gotten to the items you mentioned above.

While all of those items are on our list, and I can’t say for sure when we will get them done. The today view will be handy for you when completed (very soon). Right now it just allows you to drag tasks to it that you want to do today. In the very near future, it will also display any tasks that are due today or have been scheduled for “today” as a start date. While not the calendar integration you are asking for, it will help you easily scan for things that need to be done today.

Thanks for checking us out again and sorry to not have a better answer for you at this time.

Hi James,

Thanks for the quick reaction. I will re(subscribe) but I’ll continue to banging on your door :grin:
To be honest, I don’t see the point of having now a today view, when you can achieve the same with the already existing focus view. It’s even more simpler: you just highlight the task instead of the need to moving it. Moreover the schedule items appear already automatically in the focus view. Maybe you should invest your time in really “new” and desired features.
The only advantages I see on the today view is that you are able to track there nicely the tasks you’ve completed: they are there neatly ordered, instead of the “mess” in the archive view.
Maybe I’m missing something and being a little bluntly, but my only objective is of course to try to help on bring the GTD even to a higher level :wink:


Thanks and please do!

It actually provides more features than focus. Focus only shows items you have manually selected. The Today view shows you items you have dragged over, plus items with today’s due date and items with today as a start date.

We think that’s pretty helpful.

I get the issue with the focus view being pretty similar. We actually considered (and still are) renaming the focus view to “today” and just adding the new start/due date items to that view. But so far we’ve decided to keep them separate. We’d love to hear from people what they think. Combine the views? Or keep them separate?

I would say to combine the views, especially since dragging a task isn’t that quick compared to clicking on the Focus-button.

Thanks for the vote. Anyone else?

I also vote for the combine view.


I would also vote for combining. I can’t think of a use for having both and I like how easy it is to select the focus view vs dragging an item into the today view, but I like how due items and start items automatically go into the Today view - so combining the best of both is my preferred option.

Great to hear the opinions. Keep them coming. Combining was our original thought, so glad to hear the support.

I vote for combining also.

I too vote for combining!

By the way is batch editing coming in the future? I miss being able to assign tags or due dates to several tasks at once for example.

I think what’s difficult with the “today” view is that you can’t see that an item is in there just by looking at it. You have to go into today and then to remove, you have to drag it out. It’s a little clunky.

I vote for this as well, thanks for looking at this

I would actually vote against combining Today and Focus, if it means that Focus will get a date-driven view like Today has. I’d be okay, however, with eliminating the Today view.
I have a few projects on the go, and each one has a large number of tasks that can take several days (if not weeks) to complete. What I like about Focus is that I can just leave them there and focus only on those tasks, while periodically checking my Project list to ensure I’m not missing anything.
If I were to use the Today view, then I would constantly have to reschedule tasks to the next day (or leave them as Past Days’ Actions, which I don’t like). Views such as Focus and Next Actions are precisely why I switched from standard To Do apps to GTDNext.

Please put a priority on offline. The site is down right now as I am scurrying to tie up loose ends for a year-end vacation. This is most inconvenient, but also disconcerting enough to make me reconsider relying on your cloud, even though this app is the best I’ve ever used for GTD.

Apologies for the outage. We are back up and running right now.

I am still unable to access my account. When I log in, the app is stuck displaying the “Loading…” message. It’s been several hours that I have not had access on one of my busiest days of the year. Quite disappointing for a new user and big fan of this brilliant app. Is offline mode in the offing?