Number of votes Android vs iPhone app

In the voting section there are 79 votes for an Android app and only 37 for an iPhone app. Still only the iPhone app is planned?

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You cannot really trust votes or other statistics based on such small numbers. And even if the numbers were larger there is nothing that says a company cannot aim for some particular niche :wink:

@Folke, The votes given here have nothing to do with statistics. The voting used here does not aim for any statistical substantiation. If someone asks people to vote and then in the end they don’t like the outcome and do not act according to the outcome, then what is the use of voting?

I cannot answer that. I just simply do not believe that they are going to do whatever things people may suggest and vote for. And when they don’t, people are going to ask the very question you have just asked.

I agree with @Folke

I did not vote. I don’t have time to vote on things like this because I am too busy. I have an iPhone and most of the business people I work with have iPhone’s. I just started a new job yesterday and received my company iPhone.

Just because iPhone users did not take the time to vote on something, does not mean that there are more Android users. It simply means that many people like myself don’t vote on polls very much.

Nonsense. So from this we can conclude that most people owning an iPhone do not vote? Come on!! Apparently you have time to write posts this forum…

I also have an iPhone but have to agree with Pascal that there are more and more people with Android phones. I can see it in my company, in other companies, following the votes in GTDnext and everywhere. It does not mean that Android phones are better, it only means they are cheaper and at the same time they can do all what iPhones do. I wish that iPhone GTDnext app would come first but I think that it would not be fair…

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I agree with you @Zdeno, but I never thought this thread was ever really about which phone enjoys which popularity and needs to be catered for, but about what role voting can possibly have in a user community like this. I think voting always carries the risk of creating false hopes (and other dangers).

I have an iPhone and did not vote. And I am not going to participate in voting on anything unless it is a real crossroads type of directional issue for the app as a whole, but not for individual features, like what particular phone brands to support. I think it is obvious that people have phones of both of these types, so both need to be catered for. Also perhaps (but I am not an engineer), since development is expensive it might be cheaper to do it in the form of a mobile adapted web interface that works on any phone or tablet, rather than developing a whole suite of different apps for all the brands and sizes out there.

As @zdeno mentiones, I’m not trying to convince people that one platform as better then the other. An HTML5 app, which can be used on both iPhone and Android, would be great.