Not possible to move tasks

Sometimes the app seems to load incorrectly and whatever task I try to move just inserts its icon into the text instead of the actual task. In the screenshot below I have tried to move a task into two different projects and both times its icon was inserted in the text instead of actually moved.

Reloading the page with F5 usually doesn’t help, instead the reloaded page is completely blank. Closing the tab and opening gtdnext in another tab helps.

I’m using FF 52.0.1 on Win10.

Thanks for the report. Are there any set of steps you can do to reproduce this issue consistently? We will need to figure out the repro steps before we can fix it. Thanks!

Unfortunately I haven’t found any pattern to when it happens, except for that it only happens when the page is loaded. I.e. if the problem isn’t there straight away then it won’t come later.