No Warning of Log-Out (was next actions returning)

So this morning I went to mark off a few things, and I hit refresh first, just to make sure I was logged in.

When I hit refresh, all the things I’d marked off yesterday came back as unchecked. :frowning:

Only took me a minute to fix it up, but when doing so, I discovered a few new actions I added weren’t there.

Is the system timing us out but not giving a notice, so that the info inputted after that time-out doesn’t register? If so, you need to make sure that’s being communicated. This was a little frustrating, and I’d hate to have it turn into a lot frustrating if it happens again.

Thanks for the report - we will look into this and see if we can identify what happened. Let us know if it happens again. Also, you could try logging out and deleting your and cookies and then logging back in.

Unfortunately with beta code this is hard to totally prevent from happening. (but we try!)