Next-view looks bad with latest release (

Since the latest update my Next-view looks pretty bad. Instead of having the icons for Focus and Next clickable they now have a checkbox next to them. The project-view still is working well with the icons themselves clickable. See screenshots below:

Current Next-view (not working)

Current project view (working)

Yeah, it’s not supposed to look like that first picture. That happened to me as well on Chrome for the first few minutes. Somehow some old CSS is being kept by Chrome when it shouldn’t.

Try refreshing your browser a few times. (F5). If that doesn’t work than try this.

  1. Close all browsers.
  2. Open up GTDNext in Chrome InPrivate Mode
  3. It should look okay in this mode.
  4. Close GTDNext and the InPrivate browser.
  5. Now open GTDNext back up in a regular browser. This fixed it for me. You?

Thanks for your reply. I’m using Firefox but the problem is solved now, like you say it seems liked the CSS was cached.