Next Actions Not Remembering Sort Order


I’m not sure if this is related to the April 30 release, but suddenly the Next Actions screen is not remembering my sort order - I manually sort the items in the order that I want to look at them; as long as I stay logged into GTDNext, they are fine. But once I log out, the order is lost - I assume it’s putting them in the same order as on the Projects screen. I have confirmed that I am in Online Mode when logged in and manually arranging my actions.

Edit: I’m using IE11, Windows 7.

Any ideas?


Thanks for the report. We will fix this very soon. Yes, it was a side result of re-writing all the next action code to take care of the issue with duplicate tasks showing up in the Next Action screen. BTW - I haven’t seen the duplicate action issue again, so I think we have finally fixed that problem.

We’ve fixed this issue. Thanks for the report!