Next Actions not considering Due Dates? Am I missing something?

I was trying to get myself familiarized with GTDNext. I noticed that next actions is not considering due dates as its criteria to show the next task in the project.

I created a project with few tasks and added due dates to some of them. Next action appears to be picking up in the sequential order (even though I have not marked it as sequential). Does it not consider the due dates (meaning that task B is due early than task A)

take a look at the projects view here, followed by next actions view.

Should it not put “get help from bro” (due in 2 days) in the next action instead of “buy cleaner” (due in 3 days)?

Hi Sri, I could be wrong but I’d say you order the tasks manually if you want to use adjacency to due date, if you want a task to not appear until a specific date then you need to put it with a start date as well as due date, then from the start date it will effect the order of tasks.

thank you furby!.

I noticed today that the “get help from bro” task showed up in next action today as it was due today… It also had the focus set and next action forced.

I guess the system does not pull it based on due dates until it is today :slight_smile: