New features in GTDNext?

What will be the nearest new features in GTDNext web app? Or will the mobile apps come first?

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We are working on mobile apps now, but always reserve the right to get distracted and throw in a new feature or bug fix on the web app from time to time. :smile:

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Please slip in an update that accepts eMail from more than one source. It’s the biggest barrier to me effectivly using this program. I can’t send tasks from my registered account and my work account.

Well @dhampshire today is your lucky day then. Today we released version 6.17 that has that exact ability!

Go to the setting “cog” at the top right, click settings and then click add email. You can create up to five email addresses. Use these from any email account or system to email tasks to your inbox. I will have much more info soon on the site and a blog post, but thought I’d let you all on the forum know early!. Have fun! It’s a feature I know I’ve been anticipating for a long time!