My impressions / hopes for GTDNext

I like the key idea behind GTDNext - which is an outline processor. I’ve loved outliners for years , Outliner howto , and . I’m a big fan of . Outlines can capture a tremendous range of information, yet allow you to focus on and re-arrange work in a very fluid way.

I love that approach so much that I’m currently using Todoist, even though I have to work hard to overcome their approach which tends towards using dates to organize your tasks. Todoist will never really work for me long term because it deviates so hard from the GTD approach of not putting due dates & priorities on most items. But they provide an outliner structure that’s just too great to pass up. It really helps me plan, re-plan, revise, update, morph, and evolve my GTD lists.

I agree with Mark Forster ( that one of the common downfalls of electronic lists versus paper ones is that they get stale…choked with old thinking that doesn’t keep up with our fast moving world. Outliners provide the flexibility to fluidly morph tasks/projects as needed, pruning and tweaking, to keep my GTD lists current and on task.

I hear from the forum posts and an interview video on YouTube that there are plans evolve and polish GTDNext. I sure hope so, because…THIS COULD BE THE ONE! (All you long time seekers of the perfect GTD tool know what I mean).

The interview on YouTube mentioned an iCal feature in the future, which other GTD tools have, but I heard something very special about this one. GTDNext intends you to pick and choose which tasks appear on your calendar. That’s perfect! Almost as bad as not having a calendar is having one flooded with every tiny little NA such that you can’t see the forest for the trees. I look forward to a calendar with select, major milestone actions appearing so I can strategically plan.

My main other observation is just the need for general UI polish and tweaks. I do appreciate Todoist’s beautiful minimalist interface. It hides complexity so you can see and focus on your work. The complexity is there, but subtly hidden away until needed. In contrast, the GTDNext Task Pane (right hand pane) is, well…not exactly a thing of beauty. Gets the job done, but this would be a great place for some UI elegance.

One current annoyance that I know the owners have identified as an item for development is the ability to specify a task’s Project in the Task Pane. A tree structured outline is great, but how do I get items from my Inbox to a sub-sub-task? Not that big a deal, but hoping for an easier way in the future.

Overall I have high hopes for GTDNext. I do believe the outliner approach is very valuable in organizing my GTD lists and creates flexibility for quickly morphing the lists as my “fluid” work assignments shift and evolve.

Keep up the great work!

A Fan,


Good to see you here. And I see things similarly.

Me too. I don’t quite understand why every app does not take that approach. It does give a lot of flexibility, both upwards and downwards, whether you want build upwards to the, say, 30 k level or want to break things down in sub-sub-parts or both.

The main caveats for the developers would be:

  • do not think that a flexible outline is in any way a replacement for a powerfully featured Next actions list and a Waiting For list (the “People Owe Me” list; often other people’s Next). The flexibility of the outline is mainly useful for organizing the stuff.
  • keep the terminology simple and keep some shortcuts clearly visible for people who only expect actions and projects and need to see how to add these in the usual way straight on the Next actions or Waiting For list (or straight into a Project)

Totally agree. Although I do not exactly need calendar integration (I am used to living without it and working around it) it would indeed be useful if implemented properly. Being able to select what you want to see is essential. Most apps just give you a “dumb dump” of everything that has dates on it. It is necessary to be able to treat GTD “ticklers” (earliest start dates) differently from from true calendar actions (such as appointments).

As a further step, in order to be fully complete one fine day, there would need to be a non-destructive, selective calendar sync to shared calendars.

I know. I was delighted when I saw their initial efforts and I still keep my hopes high for the continued development. Indeed, this could be the one, one day!

Thanks - we agree. Outline is the way to go. We are one of the few out there that thought to combine an outline with automatic next action processing and normal GTD lists. We are very proud of that!

As you have probably noticed we update fairly often, so yes, we are continuing to polish the app. Our goal is to make your choice of GTD apps ridiculously simple.

Yes, we aren’t even a year old yet, we’ve actually just in our 6th month of offering a paid service. We’ve focused mostly on adding the core features that we believe GTD’ers want and need.

Over time even greater fit and finish will come, along with mobile and much more. We so appreciate the interest and encouragement we are getting from you all! Thank you!

I believe “one day” is a pretty vague term and is different and personal for everyone. “one day” has already arrived for thousands of people using the service today! For others “one day” will be tied to a certain feature or set of features then “need” or want. Yet for others it will just be a feeling they get when they try it that tells them this is the one. We will continue to refine and extend the product and hopefully hit the “one day” for the rest of you out there!

That’s really great news! Congratulations! :slight_smile: