Multiple authorized emails for "Send to Inbox"

(I searched for this and didn’t find it. Apologies if already covered.)

I really like the fact that I can FW an email to GTDNext by just emailing it to Inbox@GTDNext and the app putting it into the right account based on email.

BUT – I have a couple of personal accounts, plus a business account, plus an account for a major project I am working on. So, I really need the ability to have multiple authorized emails for my GTDNext account, so I can email-to-inbox from any of them. Could that be implemented relatively easily?


Hi @BruceInLouisville thanks for joining the forum and asking questions!

Yes, this is on our backlog list. What you describe is a very common scenario that we will need to support for sure. I’m missing this myself quite a bit.

We need to implement our “settings” page first so we have a place for users to specify their other email accounts.

Hi James,

Do you have an idea when the option for multiple mail accounts will be implemented. I want to start using GTDNext for my work related tasks but need to be able to send mails from multiple accounts (I’m a consultant working for different customers at the same time with different mail accounts). I need to get a Premium account since I have run into the limit of 200 actions/projects.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Pascal;

I can say it’s fairly high on the list and slated for an upcoming sprint. Beyond that I’m not able to give you an exact date. We are anxious for this one as well.


I really, really hope to be able to manage multiple email accounts from within GTDN. Instead of just forwarding to GTDN from multiple accounts, I would like to be able to see multiple email inboxes in my GTDN nav bar… (These boxes could expand and collapse to show subfolders including Sent and Trash.) So many tasks come from email and projects evolve through email, it seems like it would be a constant dance between Outlook and GTDN to keep both up to date. I want to have the email(s) right there in GTDN, linked to the related task(s)…and synched to my webmail/Outlook. Thank you!