Monthly Repeating - Problem

I set a task to repeat every 3 months. As you can see the next event date is not 3 months from the start date.

Thanks - we are looking into this issue.

Okay, on second glance I see that it is working as intended, just maybe a little confusing. Let me explain.

The start date indicates when the first instance should occur. In your case, you used the current date. But specified you wanted the task to occur on the 1st day of the month. Well, since today’s date is not the first day of the month the app defaults to the next possible start date. Which would be February 1st. That is why the next event shows as Feb 1st.
So the solution is to set the start date to the first date you want the event to occur in the future.

Would you like the first instance to repeat on the 1st of the month three months from January 1st? Or Feb 1st? If Jan first then set the start date to March 1st. If from Feb 1st set the start date to April 1st and GTDNext will repeat starting from that date.

Hope that makes sense, let me know if you have questions.

Thanks for the explanation James.