Mobile web app add inbox item


I see you did some changes to the mobile web app. Is it possible to add the Add to inbox field? one of the most important things is adding tasks on the go.

And how far are you with the api? is it in anyway possible to try it? I wouldn’t mind any changes.

Greetings Gijs

We will be adding the ability to show the left panel, which will make the inbox view-able (along with all the other lists). Good note about not having a button, we will review that. In the mean time, you can press enter at the start or end of any existing action to create a new one.

Thanks for the quick reply, could you give an update on the API implementation? an what we can expect?

Thanks in advance.

Ah yes, there hasn’t been any progress on the API front, sorry. Too busy with front end and mobile improvements.

However, you can currently use IFTTT to send actions to the inbox. As we now offer individual unique emails (via settings button) that can be directed to inbox.

I know that is not exactly what you are looking for, but wanted to clarify for others viewing this thread that you can use IFTTT right now. No need to wait for an API.