Manual sorting (esp by hotkey) needed for all lists (Inbox, Scheduling, Waiting, Someday)


Please can we make the hotkeys for manual sort (Control+Shift+[up/down or arrow key]) work on all lists.

Right now manual sorting (both by dragging by mouse and/or by Control+Shift+arrow key) only appears to be possible in the following views

  • Projects & Actions
  • Next Actions
  • Focus

It would be good to have the same functionality work in all the action status “Lists”:

  • Inbox
  • Scheduling
  • Waiting
  • Someday

It would be good for all the interface to views to work the same way.
e.g. Tab to indent, selected line marked up in same say, as well as Control/Shift/arrow key

…Or are we best to wait for the release of new User Interface! (Any rough ETA on that, btw?)



P.S. Note that this request follows on from my previous one:
Hotkey for manual sort ==> needs to work on Focus + Next Action lists

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