Make item selection more visible in Next Action & Focus lists


A new small User Interface request.

In them main list of Projects & Actions, you can see which item is selected (i.e. which item appears in the right hand window) by looking for the two parallel lines (in dark grey) just above it and just below it.

However in the Next Actions and Focus lists, there is no visual indicator to show which is selected. The only way is to see where the cursor is flashing. Or start Reading headlines… But as Steve Krug would say “Don’t make me think” !

I would suggest it officially but
a) I dont think I have any more ‘votes’ left
b) I can never seem to find where to do that, without a struggle!



Not sure if it helps, but in the Next Action list, the selected item is slightly shaded a light green(?). But it is hard to notice since the rows alternate between white and gray.

Agree, I see no indication of a selected action in the Focus list. But also curious why all the rows are white rather than alternate.

Seems a consistent user interface would be preferable, unless there is an intended distinction among these I’m not seeing.

I see the same inconsistencies with the other lists: Inbox, Scheduled, Waiting, and Someday

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You’re right - there is a SLIGHT colour change in the Next Action list. However it’s too slight for me to reliably see!

Personally I would strongly vote:
a) A more consistent interface
b) All the colours to be a couple of shades (but no more!) brighter.

Anyone with me?

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