Mail to Inbox Broken?

Seems nothing’s landed for a few days :frowning:

Fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

FYI for everyone:
Sometimes sending to inbox by email get’s broken, usually when someone sends in a large (over 10mb) attachment.

Our email system does not handle that well and get’s stuck. I need to go in and clear out the offending transaction. So the message here is if you ever don’t get mail for over an hour post here or send a message to support and we will get it fixed asap.


Looks like the email may be down again as the last several emails I have sent haven’t made it to my inbox.



Hi James,
Is it this: (Looks like you could spend ~10 hours automating it)

Or this:

Yes, I’ve cleared it out again. Should start flowing again soon. Thanks for the heads up.

LOL, yes something like that. It only takes a minute or so to fix it. But I need to be aware that I need to fix it! Still, would be great if @sergio could find some time to either automate the fixing of the issue, or a way to avoid it all together. :slight_smile:

I seem to be experiencing the ‘email down’ phenomenon at the moment. Have a peek, @James?

HI @scottryanjones - just realized I fixed this an hour or so after you let us know, but didn’t get a chance to reply until now. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks, James - back in business!

James - Email is down again for me.

HI @scottryanjones - I’ve cleared the error. Can you try again in about 5 minutes? Thanks! James

Thanks - seems we’re good to go, James.