Lists other than Active ==> cut-down functionality (?!)

If you click on one of the Lists on the left of screen (i.e. Inbox, Scheduled, Waiting, Someday) you suddenly get cut down functionality - why?

For example if I go into the Someday list:

  1. You can’t see if something is a Project or a Action

  2. If is a Project, you can’t see the Actions it contains

  3. You can’t change the sort orders
    (From first principles why can’t it make the Someday items skip past each other in the master list?)

  4. Once I’ve found a Project I’m interest in on the Someday list, the only way to edit it’s Actions seem to be either to click on the “/” half way across the screen, or click on “Projects & Actions” top left, and to then find it again from scratch. I suggest clicking on the “/” should open the Projects & Actions, with that item selected.

The way I see it, ultimately whichever list something is in is just down to how it will be filtered. And so Active should be treated as just another list. I am new (newly re-visiting) so I am probably missing something important. But I find it deeply frustrating that any stuff that is not Active feels like it is treated as a second class citizen. I am used to doing major work on my Sometime items.

Trying to help


PS Wait, is any of the above because I am currently still on a Free account. Or because my data is 1 year old and currupted or something?

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I agree with your items 1 and 2, especially when it comes to Someday. I have lots of projects that I’ve placed in the Someday limbo. Periodically, I want to scan through these to see if any should be changed to Active or whatever. I can’t see any reason why a Someday project should be show up like a Task when you are in the Someday view. I personally don’t have Waiting or Scheduled projects; in my way thinking, those only apply to individual tasks. Regardless, if something is a project, it probably should show up as a project no matter what view you are in.

Yes, the someday list could use some love and TLC.

In the mean time here are some suggestions based on your examples.

Well, if it has a name of a project next to it in the middle column, it’s an action. If it has a “/” than it’s a project. Not obvious, but now you know. :smile:

You are the keyboard guy, I’m surprised you didn’t figure this one out! Hit ALT+RIGHT ARROW and you will be zoomed in on that project and see all it’s actions. TAB+7 will take you back to the Someday list.

True. We should at least allow for manually moving items up and down the list.

Again ALT+RIGHT ARROW is you friend here. But you bring up a good point. Double clicking to the right of the project name should allow you to zoom in like we do in P&A view. I’ll add that to our list.


Great - keyboard shortcuts save the day! I am a huge fan but am only gradually learning them…

Either way don’t let’s not expect new users to know them and such seemingly cut down functionality could potentially scare new users off…

My central point was that in order to keep things simple, is that I’m really wanting all the same functionality (or as much of it as technically possible ) as one gets in the main ‘Projects & Actions’ view.

OK, I have now added the [Tab]+[number] hotkeys to

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In general I’m in agreement with this as well. Although we won’t reproduce the outline view in the other views, we will provide most of the same functionality. Moving, zooming, etc

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Cool. We can live with this for now.