List inside a task

Is there a way to create a task that has a list of things inside it? for example, a grocery list inside of a task, “buy groceries”. While my example might not be a great example, the idea is that there is a list that I don’t want to forget that is directly related to an task/project.

Yes, you create the list of items as you would any other sub-tasks but change their Mode setting to ‘info’.


Or you can set the Mode of task itself to Action, so all the children of an item become of type Info automatically.

Thanks for the quick responses - the 2nd one, setting the top level item to action and the sub-items as info (or automatic) creates an action with a list. it allows the action to show up in “next action”, etc. The first approach keeps the top level action and it’s list out of the next actions list.

thanks again.