Linking To Other Programs

I just started using GTD using GTDNext and Onenote in order to use the system.

I currently use GTDNext as my task organizer as I find outlook tasks and One Note To Do lists hard to implement the system correctly. However One note is great for organizing thoughts ideas and information.

What would be fantastic is the ability to create a link in the project or task to a Onenote page/section or/also Evernote.

Project: Get a New Camera
Task: Research Cannon (link to Onenote Page that would hold all the Compiled Information)
Task: Research Sony (link to Onenote Page that would hold all the Compiled Information)
Task: Research Nikon (link to Onenote Page that would hold all the Compiled Information)

Being able to link each task to a OneNote Page or section would be really handy as a direct way of clicking and seeing the fruits of your task labor at a click and a glance.

Not sure how or if that would be possible but I for one would find it very powerful and useful. I feel others would as well as from my research into the GTD system a lot of people combine GTDNext and either Evernote and Onenote already. This type of feature would finally create a link between the two.

Hope my idea was clear enough. Keep up the great work. The app is great and looking forward to your Mobile App. please do not leave us Windows Phone Users out in the cold though when you do take your mobile app to market. I see windows Phone Market share will be on the rise especially when windows 10 comes out and sync’s all windows devices together I foresee more people starting to make the switch.

Hi @coffer13 - Yes thank you for the detailed explanation of what you are looking for. It’s actually a fairly common request - It’s actually or 4th most voted for idea on the suggestion page. (link)

It’s also one of my personal top wants, as I do exactly as you (want) to do with both OneNote and Evernote. Also it would be useful for online email systems like gmail and outlook/hotmail.

So we certainly do it at some point, that’s the good news. The bad news is we aren’t ready to work on it yet. Thanks again for the listing out your idea and feel free to vote for it and add other ideas both here and on the voting area with the link above.

Closing out this idea, as this has now been implemented. Thanks everyone for the ideas and suggestions!

Hi James - I see this topic is closed however I don’t recall seeing how to link a task in GTDNext to OneNote. Do I have to copy/paste from a pre-existing page in OneNote? I tried that and a new tab launches in the browser with a path of something like unsafe:onenote:///D:\Users\NAME\Documents\Oracle\OneNote\{3A54B50E-4CB6-4431-AD1A-065A7757A8AF}&page-id={4BCB5FFD-7632-4952-8148-68BFC1513438}&end but nothing launches. Is there another way to link (or create) a specific OneNote page?


Hmm, I think this may be related to where your onenote notebook files are stored.

I will have to check this out and see if there is a way to do this with locally stored OneNote files.

I’ve been very successful in doing this from OneNote, but the OneNote notebooks I utilize are all stored either on OneDrive or on a SharePoint site. So when I click the link they open the online notebook, not the desktop version.

If possible give this a try with a OneNote Notebook that is stored on OneDrive and let me know what results you get.

Hi James - I tried linking to a section on OneDrive but when I right click the section in OneNote the URL generated is really long and the apply button is greyed out. I noticed it was https: and tried just for fun changing it to http: but the button is still grayed out. Is that how you are generating the URL (from within OneNote right clicking the folder?)




Could you make a small change to the linkbox, if you just remove the check that you need a http or https to start an url we would be really happy because chrome would handle the request for you (i did this with todoist)

Really appriciate it.

I will check to see if that is feasible. Great idea!

One idea we have is to just remove the validation we do in this field all together. This means that you could put any string of text here. Of course if you mistype a URL we would no longer be able to warn you about this situation. But it would allow OneNote and Evernote URI’s and any other URI type to be added here. Thoughts?

We went ahead and updated the link validation code to allow any string to be input here. Give it a try!

Hi James, Great!! Thank for the quick response, it works but it add a insafe: tag at the beginning of the url. Example: unsafe:onenote:

That is actually the browser adding that to the start of the URL. Which is frustrating. More investigation needed!

I did a little more testing. It looks like if you have a local OneNote notebook that is not stored on OneDrive then that is when the browser will pre-pend the “unsafe” text to your URL.

On any notebook where I have saved the notebook on OneDrive then the URL that is created when you right click on a note and choose, “Copy Link to Page” will be correctly formatted to open up that page in your browser.

So for now I’d suggest any OneNote pages that you often use as reference should be stored on your OneDrive. The system works perfectly in that scenario.

Not sure if/how we can solve the offline, open it in desktop version of OneNote scenario. I’ll keep checking it out.

The ability to link to local onenote files is needed for linked support material.

I’m using this successfully with Trello, but in GTDNEXT, the links are proceeded with unsafe.

I like how gtdnext is coming along and transitioning away from trello, but this is a current roadblock.

Would also rather insert these onenote links as notes within the the notes section, but unable to get any links to work in notes section at all.

Where do you see it say unsafe? Can you give us the steps?

I use this all the time, but my OneNote files are all stored online. So the link I create in OneNote standalone version opens up an online copy of the onenote page. For me this is okay. Are you using a onenote file that is only stored locally?

Re-reading your post, I see you did call out “local” onenote files.

I agree that is difficult. I’m not sure we have a way to start OneNote desktop version to view that page locally. Also, what should happen if you are not on the computer that that local file. We wouldn’t know that until we tried (and failed) to load it. More thinking needed here.

Is there a reason you can’t store these OneNote notebook files on OneDrive? Lot’s of benefits to doing it that way, not just being able to link to it easier from GTDNext. :slight_smile:

Yes, stored locally and the link is generated by right clicking on a section or paragraph and choosing “copy link to {page/paragraph}”, then pasting a link that looks like this:


When using the ‘attach URL’ feature and that is pasted, the resulting onenote is prefixed by “unsafe:” so it looks like: unsafe:onenote:///f … etc.

It appears that angular JS is doing this from reading here:

It sounds like onenote needs whitelisted in your settings?