Latest builds - left menu in a different order?

Not sure in what build this new look first came about, but I now have my Projects & Actions section first of all in the left menu, followed by the Actions and Lists sections, which used to come first in the earlier builds. I am using FF. Is this intentional? It is not a problem; but I wanted to report it in case it is an unintentional change.

Another thing - an opinion, this time - is the headings Actions vs Lists in the left menu, which sounds a bit funny, realizing that they are all “lists of actions”. No separation is really needed, as there are so few of these lists (you could call the whole lot “Actions by Type” in contrast to the other one “Actions by Project”), but if the “actions by type” really are to remain separated into two groups I think the three lists Focus, Next and Waiting all belong naturally together as a group as they are all “imminent” things that could get completed any second, and are lists that I need to look at several times a day, whereas Scheduled and Someday are things that I have deliberately put into a state of “incubation” and want out of the way until my next review. Just a thought. No big deal.

Yes, this was intentially done a few builds ago. I’ve been waiting for someone to notice and comment. :smile:

We felt that this order will help new users of GTDNext better orient themselves to the app. The Projects and Actions is where much of the power of the app lie and having it at the top should make it easier for new users to find it and use it.

Yeah, I don’t think a perfect heading exists. Yours sound good too, but perhaps a bit too “technical” for lack of a better word. We will probably keep it as is, for now, but are always looking for better descriptions. Thanks for the feedback as always!

I totally agree :slight_smile:

Probably true, but please consider this:

If your restaurant is becoming more and more widely known for having the best baked potatoes in town, would that make you start serving these potatoes as an appetizer instead? Or hand them out as a welcome snack at the door? Or would you keep serving them with the main course, just as usual, and trust that people will notice and enjoy them fully once they get to that stage?

You also have another unusually strong feature in GTDNext that it is possible that you are perhaps also a bit over-anxious to ensure that people really get to experience very early on - your capability to handle items sequentially and even mix them freely with the parallel ones. Most apps have only normal (parallel) ones, and most people are not used to sequential ones and have never even heard of the distinction. But on the other hand those who want sequential capabilities could kill for them. So at what stage of learning should these features be “introduced” to new users? That’s another great question.

I’d say, in all these three cases, that if a customer explicitly asks for a baked potato at the door, give it to him (i.e. allow him to set a preference etc), but otherwise offer these options in the most “natural” way.