Keyboard shortcut needed to move actions up and down the list

I was very excited when I found GTDNext as I thought I would be able to create and edit projects and actions by keyboard far easier than my current two systems, Nozbe and Toodledo. Sad to find that I can’t even move an action up and down by the keyboard. Any plans to implement. Am research to see if CheckVist can be a GTD trusted system.

Hi and thanks for checking us out. Sorry that one isn’t available yet. But yes, we will eventually have this keyboard shortcut (among others) added to the program.

I’ve personally tested all of those systems and my (admittedly biased) opinion is that GTDNext is far faster for entering in new tasks and projects. Moving via the mouse is also very fast, much faster than other systems. However, I agree that adding the ability to move items via keyboard would further increase the speed.


Hi @ProductiveUser - This was added in today’s build.

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Don’t work for me in the Next Action or Focus list.
Feature or bug? I’d like it work there also.


You are correct.This is on our list of enhancements. Currently it just works in the P&A view. Thanks!

This is really good news! I’ve bought a subscription and am still experimenting. The end goal, and ultimate keyboard outliner is EccoPro. This app has earnt me thousands of pounds in business by enabling me to be extremely productive.

Ah, EccoPro - I remember it fondly. It was one of the first productivity tools I used when I moved from FranklinCovey’s paper planner method to online. Did you ever use InfoSelect? That was a fav of mine for a while too.

It’s been so long though… what are some of the things you loved about Ecco? @ProductiveUser ?

Hi James,

Any progress implementing sort/moving items up and down in the Next and Focus part of GTD?
I miss it plenty. =)


It’s still on the list of improvements to make, but we’ve been too heads down on other items to get this done. FWIW - I’d love to see this as well!