Is there a hotkey to mark as Complete or to delete that task?


Quick question:
Is there any hotkey way to either
A) mark a task as Completed? OR
B) to delete a task?



EDIT: OK so you you can hold down the Delete key and delete all the relevant characters… but that’s rather messy as it’s a bit slow and it’s rather easy to over-shoot.


For Completing a task press CTRL+ENTER
To Cancel a task you can press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

Currently we don’t have a shortcut for deleting a task… We felt that might lead to too many accidental deletions.


Personally I dislike ticking for completions and I much prefer to completely delete things that I know for sure that I will never want to see again. And I find it pretty frustrating how hard deletions are.

So long as Control/Z un-does anything you’ve done recently I think we should be able to delete using keystrokes. Possibly it should be made to be slightly hard by requiring some other key to be held down (e.g. Control or Shift or Alt…)