Is the application still supported? (of course it is!)

Hi Guys,

I saw no updates of the app from november. The application still looks and works like a demo:( A payed demo.

There are a lot of cosmetic issues. I miss options to add new tasks (the email one is not very comfortable to use. I’m still under impression that you are going to release a mobile app for android.

Please let me know if this application is going to evolve, because i do like it.


Yes, we are still actively supporting the app. Back in November we decided to stop updating the log for every small bug fix. There have been many since November. Maybe we should start updating the log for bug fixes as well - just so there is no confusion over our status!

You mention the ability to add actions via email… As if it is the only way to add. Do you add via the main app window? That is the main way that most people utilize. Just click or move the cursor anywhere via mouse or keyboard and press enter to start a new line. Is there something easier than that you would like to see?

Yes, we are actively evolving the app. Most web work has slowed, due to work on the mobile versions. However we do have some new features and fixes coming soon to the web app.

Please send me a list! With our small team we readily admit we have over time focused more on function than form. However as the product grows more mature we will be spending more time on the fit and finish. Would love to hear your input. Thanks!

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Hi James,

Thanks for the reply!

Regarding Adding New tasks: What I meant was Adding Tasks on the go. I do need to be able to quickly add a note to GTDNext from my mobile phone: Like Using Google Now: “Add Note”, or share a WebPage to GTDNext. At the moment I need to use Evernote to collect my Inbox, and then review it and manually add tasks to GTDNext. And of course, i do use outline possibilities of app and TAB+N to create new tasks

It is a great news to here back about Mobile Versions! Is there any ETA?

Also it’s great to see new updates:)

You’ve asked about about Cosmetic issues. I saw most of them on a right Panel on a 720p display. After the latest update most of them are fixed.

I highly recommend using an app called “Do Note” by the IFTTT folks. DO Note - IFTTT It’s available for both iphone and android.

I use this app everyday. It allows for the quickest entry into GTDNext of any app I’ve seen.
Simply choose the email recipe add one of the custom GTDNext email address (found in GTDNext settings). You will then be able to open the app, type or use your voice to create a todo item and press send. Voila, it’s in your GTDNext inbox.

Let me know if how that goes for you. Below is the screenshot from their website, so you can see how easy it is to use.

Do Note Works for me. Thanks.

One Point though, I need to refresh page (F5) to see the new Item from Do Note. Navigating Between Inbox and Projects does not make new items to appear. I saw this behavior for all new Items that should appear in list (e.g. for Scheduled task). Is it a desired behavior?


To minimize the number of times we go to check the server, we currently have GTDNext set to require a refresh (f5) to check for inbox items. Has that been an issue? Should we investigate changing that? Let us know!

I’ve actually cut down on my email-to-gtdnext usage becaude I noticed I would forget F5 and the task would remain unnoticed. So I would like this to be automatic + some kind of highlight that there are items in the inbox (since I’m almost always in the Next-view or in a specific project).

I agree with Gnopps. I believe that there should be a way to notify user that there are new items inbox.

I have a proposal here. Is it possible to add counters for the following categories?

This will raise awareness of tasks quantity. Also it will resolve issue with missed inbox items.

Do you think i need to create a separate thread with this feature request?



Yes, this is also on our list to do in the future. Likely very much like you have shown above.