Is everything alright behind the scenes? No new builds

For a long time new builds were coming out at least once a week, and now it’s been almost two months since the last update. I’m curious to know whether this project is on the rocks, or if it’s something else.

HI @ike9898 - Everything is going great! Thanks for asking!

We are focused on mobile right now, which is why you haven’t seen the same number of online builds as before. Thanks everyone for your patience! We are a small team, so these things take time.

We are very excited about the future of GTDNext. Our goal is to make your choice in task managers very simple.

Glad to hear it. Can’t wait to see the first version of the mobile app!

Mobile capability is necessary - almost like the wheels for a car. Nothing wrong with spending time on developing it. But I am actually more curious about the continued development beyond the wheels. Will it be a sedan or an SUV or a terrain vehicle? :wink: Time will tell, I guess.


I’ve been following the action here for the past few month and I am currently a light user. Once the app is live I am migrating everything over from another app and will quickly transition into a power user. I’m excited to see the mobile experience you are rolling out.

That said, I am happy to throw my hat in the ring as one of your beta testers when the time is right. I’m a Product/CX Manager at and we are in the final stages ourselves of an app development. I can appreciate the project you are working through. If there is a need, please add me to your list.

Best of luck to you/team in the final build.

Thank you and all the team for the hard work.
I rely heavily on GTDNext. It became my main todo manager. I have no experience whatsoever in programmation or coding, but if I can help by testing a beta app, I will gladly do so,
Have a nice day!

@ROlsen and @evilmongol - Thanks for the kind words and willingness to help out. I’m not sure what the testing process will look like but when we get closer I will certainly post it here. Thanks!