iOS + offline + email though BCC field

I would like to know if the following features exist in the GTD Next or are planed to be shortly implemented?

  • iOS applications
  • offline use through the web browser
  • email to GTD Next through the BCC field

Thank you,

Fernando Coelho


It would be so great if there was a way to use GTDnext offline.
Emailing GTDnext through BCC would be useful as well though it is of secondary importance to me.
Best of all would be a android app for GTDnext.

To be clear GTDnext is a great app I am starting to use today. Thank-you implementers and community.
Paul Hayes

HI @fernandopirescoelho - sorry, not sure why this was never responded to!

Mobile apps are in the works. Offline is a farther out. Email to BCC field would be nice. I’ll add that to suggestion box. thxx!

@plhys - HI Paul - Thanks for the positive comments. Yes, per the note above to Fernando - we are working on mobile. Offline and BCC is probably a bit further out. But I agree both would be nice,

Hi James,

185 days have passed…
Will the BCC field work in a near future.
Is an absolutely must for creating waiting items when sending an email asking for a task!


Hello - We still think this is a great idea. It just has not risen to the top of the list yet. Please consider creating an idea for this. Curious to see how many other people would like this feature.

BCC work around!

I have discovered that (1) forwarding an emaill using the BCC field to other email account (just a dummy gmail acount I have crated for the purpose), (2) making a zapier task to grab the email from myself from that gmail account and (3) forward it automatically through zapier to GTDNext, do the trick!
So that one has been tackled!

What now I’m still really, missing is the offline behavior that some many other apps in the market have, on the desktop as well as mobile I’m sitting lot in the plane and abroad without wi-fi or roaming and then I’m totally disconnected from my lists :frowning: . Are you working on that and/or have some ETA for it?

Very inventive solution. Nice job!

As part of the mobile solution we will implement offline. We will also then look to implement that offline ability for the web app, once we have completed the mobile solution (or possibly as part of that solution). We don’t give ETA’s, but we are working on it!

Today while working on some other email issues Sergio was able to add support for BCC. Happy New Year!


Great! Nicely done, a feature really important for the GTD workflow!