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Not to start a firestorm, but may I ask about the status of dedicated apps for GTDNext? I know some say we do not need these, but mobility IS important to most customers in 2017 and beyond. An update would be most appreciated on where things stand.

Hi Armistead;

I agree with you that mobile is important. What we have today is okay for some use cases, such as simple reviewing of tasks, and plans, but it lacks a lot of functionality that native apps would give us. So, don’t worry, we want to do mobile.

Currently here is where we stand.

  • Now that we have completed the new UI we have a backlog of features we have wanted to add to the web app. We will do this first. You will all be happy we add these features. :smile:
  • A key to enabling mobile is to have offline sync abilities. We are currently researching this important piece of the puzzle, We’ve found a technology we want to use for the sync capabilities, but it will take some time to implement it, as it will replace some of our existing code. We want to be careful how we do this, so we don’t inadvertently somehow screw things up!
  • Once we have the offline sync capabilities in place, we will put our focus back on mobile.

I know you all want dates, and I’d love to give them to you, but with our size team, it’s impossible to estimate with any accuracy. I’d hate to set expectations incorrectly. Frequently missing dates is much worse (in my mind) than not providing a date, so I prefer to take that path. As we work our way through these steps, I will let you know if at any time I feel we can accurately give some date estimates.

Finally, I want to thank you for liking GTDNext enough to ask the question. It shows me that people are interested and appreciate GTDNext and want more out of it. We don’t take that for granted. Believe me.

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This is fine, James. The mobile access is quite good. I am looking forward to new web app updates! I really do like GTDNext! Cheers!

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