Integrations (Evernote, Google Drive, Google Calendar)

Hello! I am back at GTDNext, after having used some other tools for the past few years. I’ve spent some time poking around, and it looks like GTDNext is one of my finalists for my new GTD home.

One thing I’m wondering about is integrations. The tool I’m coming from (which has just died) had pretty extensive integrations. The ones that mattered the most to me were Evernote (ability to attach an individual note to a project or action) and Google Drive (attach a file to a project or action). I’ve looked around, but don’t see either of those capabilities.

I would like to add that the improvements to the functionality and the UI since I’ve been gone are impressive. I still really like the outlining approach, as it fits the way I think and work.

Looking forward to poking around some more in the next week or so.


Hi Bruce - Thanks for checking us out again. We have made lot of progress - and still lots to go!

We support adding links to any project, task or item. So what I do with Evernote for example is I grab the link to the item and then hit TAB+L to open up the link box in GTDNext. It’s then just a simple copy and paste.

Google Drive is an integration we have native support for. Simple click on the link icon in the right panel. The first time you do it you will be prompted for your login details.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have other questions as you poke around.

Thank you for the prompt reply! I’ve always liked that about GTDNext.

The Google Drive link worked well. Took a moment to figure out the view (folders first), but I got it.

The Evernote connect-via-link is useable. Obviously, I’d prefer direct integration where I could scan my Evernote notes from within GTDNext, but if that’s not available, the URL link will have to do.

I thought of two more integrations: Google Calendar and Google Contacts. The calendar piece is not huge, so if it’s not on the table, that’s not a huge deal for me. Same with Google Contacts – EXCEPT for being able to delegate to someone. I like the “Waiting” status; it’s simple to apply, and I like that it is within the project and not in a separate place. I would like, though, to be able to delegate and have that person notified. (Facile Things has a nice implementation of this: if the other person has an FT account, they see the task in their task list, and if they don’t, they get an email with a link to a special page where they can update the status of the task.) Again, if this isn’t on the plate, it’s not a huge deal, as I understand GTDNext is not intended to be a “team” app. But, thought I’d share it.

Again, I really like the basic approach. I’ve already set up a good workspace, and made progress on entering all my data. Thanks for a very intuitive app.

As for Evernote, I guess you could also setup a Zapier or IFTTT task to send an email to GTDNext whenever a note is added to a notebook or tagged. Perhaps Taskclone would be another alternative?

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Yes - For a long time now we have wanted to add the ability to view tasks with due dates or scheduled start dates on an ical feed that you could pull into your gmail/outlook/insertcalendarnameofyourchoicehere but just haven’t been able to get it done with all our other priorities. Hopefully someday!

The contact one is a bit more complicated. We do want to add the ability to share out projects, but that is a pretty complicated work item once you start thinking about all the nuances. If/when we do that, we would certainly look at how to delegate more effectively. But for now it remains on our someday/maybe list.