Inline filters - what are they, and how do I get some of that?

OK, I am apparently clueless. I have looked through the Help site, the FAQs, and the Community, and I cannot find any explanation of setting up Inline Filters. I see the little triangle, I flip it up and down, and nothing happens.

I assume it is about adding tags (for contexts?), and I added one tag to experiment. It showed up in the Tags dropdown, but didn’t make a difference to the triangle thingie. (<-- technical term)

Glad to be educated at this point, even by someone giving me a verbal dope slap. :slight_smile:

Hi, Bruce - It’s a feature we added shortly after we updated the UI in January. You are correct we don’t have good documentation on it. So I’ve created this little explainer video that I will add to our help documents. Hopefully, this helps!

I figured as much, and couldn’t figure out why mine weren’t showing, since I definitely have areas and have started using tags.

So I went back and double-checked, and it turns out it IS working – except that I have the same problem as the newer post: the labels are small yellow text on white background.

Windows 7, IE 11 (work computer). Haven’t tried it on my Mac; will do that later.

Okay, I’ve reproduced this on IE 11. I’ll put this on our issues list. Strange because we tested it against IE 11 when we launched it. Some other change must have regressed it. Thanks for finding it!