I'm creating a dark skin

This is a feature idea that I’m already implementing from the client side using the Stylish chrome extension.

I’m just starting to use gtd next and I think I’m going to like it. But I can’t stand bright screens for productivity apps, so I started creating a new stylesheet for it.

So far it is going well:

I’m going with a more sober theme. The icons in the left bar was calling too much attention, so I decided to change their opacity. I also removed all rounded borders, I feel that rounded corners and modern user interfaces goes separate ways.

I want to know what the community thinks about this. I like doing this kind of stuff.

When the skin is done, I will post the link to the stylish theme here for anybody who wants it.

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Very cool! I’ll be watching for this! Thanks!

I like this. can’t wait for it.

This looks good, interested thanks